Prophet Desmond Vidzro’s 31st Night prophecy on massive demonstration against the government comes to pass

31st December of every year is a moment where Prophets of God give prophecies on some key events of the year. These prophecies are meant to prepare our minds for the things that are yet to happen and how to mitigate them, in case they would be pieces of bad happenings.

Prophet Desmond Vidzro of Liberty Arena Chapel International in delivering his prophecies spoke about the fact that in this year 2022, there will arise massive demonstrations that will be mounted against the current Government.

Speaking in front of his congregation, he mentioned that there were various kinds of demonstrations that were massive and serious.

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Prophet Desmond added that the demonstrations led to people getting injured which caused them to get rushed to the hospital.

True to his prophecies, that has happened.

There was an Arise Ghana Demo against the sitting NPP government which resulted in multiple injuries to the demonstrators and officers who tried to control the crowd.

Viral photos on social media showed that some people had their eyes injured with many others suffering other injuries.

Even police officers had stones pelted at them— leading to them sustaining injuries on their bodies.

Watch the video of the prophecy below:


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