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Prophet Rhadebelihle gives scary prophecy concerning South Africa this December

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Rhadebelihle december prophecy

December is coming, and we are all happy about the food, drinks, reunion with family and all the merry making it comes with.

Well, Prophet Rhadebelihle has come out to say it is better Mzansi folks started worrying about December instead of rejoicing.

Because from what he sees in the prophetic realm, there would be flood across South Africa which will destroy things. He added that next year could even be worse.

“I feel sorry for everyone who’s happy with Ke December I don’t even want to speak about next year. Y’aal guys should start looking into your inner self before worse happens”, he tweeted.

Speaking further, he called on everyone to pray that floods don’t come to their areas. Because there will be endless flooding to come.

Giving how accurate some of his prophecies have been over the years, this causes for alarm.


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