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Prophet Rhadebelihle’s serious message to Bill Gates

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South African prophet, Rhadebelihle, sent a serious message to American business, Bill Gates.

In the cryptic message posted on Twitter, he wrote:

Bill Gate give up you will never succeed. Am about to make it even more intense. Black people shall be activated. The melanin DNA is the glory and the light.”

Below is a screenshot:

Prophet Rhadebelihle's serious message to Bill Gates

It is not clear what Rhadebelihle meant. However, people are associating it to the fact that he’s speaking against how Bill Gates was handling the COVID-19 in Africa.

It is reported that Rhadebelihle after conspiracy theorist claim Gates have an aim of depopulating the earth and that he has Africa as his target.

Hence, the prophet is sending this message to him as a warning!


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