Controversial Nigerian actress and singer, has cried to the Nigerian Police to investigate the alleged Beastiality claims against her and apprehend whoever is found culpable of defaming her character without facts or evidence.


About 2 decades ago, the defunct magazine, Enquirer owned by Tunde Moshood alleged that the actress had had a sexual encounter with a dog with vivid images to prove their claim.

Now calling for justice, Cossy Orjiafor following the recent trend of ladies sleeping with dogs for financial benefits has cried to the Nigerian Police force to help clear her name.


According to Cossy Orjiakor, the publication ruined her career and life, while the journalist and the owner of the magazine made millions from accusing her wrongly.

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“Sometimes a lifetime awards turns out to be a lifetime shame…..thats when Nigeria happens to you. Pls @nigerianpoliceforce @nigerian_police_force_sc @nigerian_police_academy_wudil_ I reported this case years ago. But I was just a naive girl …a nobody . It was all over the news. Cossy Ojiako slept with Dog and got hiv.


My image .. Emotional trauma .. my career everything went down the drain. . I lost my sense of purpose. . Uptill date no justice .. no apologies.. Nothing. It's really an insult to me when the Nigerian police went after the girl on TikTok that jokingly said she slept with a dog. What about me that was in the magazine headline. Am I invisible.? 🥲🥲. Pls Solve this case and punish who ever is found guilty.

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Either cossy the girl that supposedly slept with dog or mr TUNDE MOSHOOD Of the ENQUIRER magazine .who is now a politician in lagos state. The journalist that made millions from the Story that broke me . Pls my Instagram family help me tag the right police handle because I lost hope in the Nigerian justice system . . It still hurts. . I want justice. …Thank you”.

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