Put Some Respect On My Name – Terry G Warns Over Comparison With New Street Artistes

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Terry G, a well-known Ghetto artist from Nigeria, has expressed regret about music fans comparing him to up-and-coming street performers.

In a message posted to his official social media channels, the “Free Madness” singer stated that no new musician can match him musically.

Terry G asked that his name be respected and that people not compare him to a budding street star.

He asserted that even if they could behave strangely, no one can produce multiplatinum songs or perform an instrument like him.

Put respect on my name - Terry G fumes over comparison with new street artistes

He wrote:

“Put some respect on my name. Comparisons have to be of equal match; then a better choice is made; comparing me with any new street sensation is a bad match; they can act crazzy but not musically on my level on both vocal, playing of instruments, producing multi-platinum hits for several artistes and my catalogue.”

On January 13, the 37-year-old revealed on Instagram that he was quitting music. In Terry G’s words:

“I’m about to say a big thank you to my fans for staying with me through the years back to back, I am about to make a big announcement, I know it’s gonna hurt a lot of people. I have my personal reasons. I am quitting music. I no dey do again. I’m done and I really appreciate you guys for showing me so much love, God bless you.”


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