RaDonda Vaught Facts: Facts About RaDonda Vaught Trial


is the Vanderbilt nurse who was dragged to court for an alleged homicide which took the life of a 75-year old woman. Reports showed the nurse was supposed to give a sedative but rather gave a wrong prescription and an overdose of the wrong drug which took the woman’s life after some hours of consumption. If you want to know the full details of what happened including her court case and final judgement, keep reading this article.

Facts: Facts About RaDonda Vaught Trial

The victim who lost her life is a 75-year old Charlene Murphey whom RaDonda was assigned to administer drugs and cater for her needs that day. As tight as their work could be, the nurse accidentally took a paralyzing drug instead of a sedative that was to induce sleep in the old lady.

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Murphey was confessed to the office subsequent to experiencing a cerebrum drain. In the days that followed, specialists requested tests to decide the reason, one of which was a positron discharge tomography (PET) examination which, similar to a few different outputs, includes lying fixed inside a machine for a while.

This issue happened at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in 2017 which led to the young nurse being dragged in and out of court until her last case was resolved in March 2022. The prosecutors describe her action as reckless and not a mistake that she should have given chance to. Her lawyer spoke to her defence by saying the mistake could have happened to anyone because of the workload they attend to at a time.

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The defences’ plea and further explanation to prove a point did not yield much as the prosecutors’ were able to prove that RaDonda was at fault and is guilty of the death of the 75-year old woman who was brought to the hospital for treatment and not to be sent to her grave at an early stage.

The court found the 37-year old RaDonda guilty of homicide and was charged with two felonies. Thus homicide and negligence of work. Her final verdict has not yet been pronounced as the court has scheduled her last appearance on May 13. According to the laws, she might be slapped with a 6-year jail sentence in addition to her license being revoked.

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