Radonda Vaught Husband: Who is married to Radonda Vaught?


It is quite unfortunate that at this point in time needs her family, there is not much information known about them. Her trials are currently ongoing and many people have already started asking about who Radonda Vaught’s husband is.

For those who might not know much about Radonda Vaught and the case she is currently in, we will dissect this issue for you guys in a brief and address whether she really has a husband or not.

Radonda Vaught who was a former Vanderbilt nurse has been charged with a case of reckless homicide after resulting in the death of a patient. Radonda Vaught has also had some charges levelled against her and that was for reckless murder in 2017.

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This charge has really felt Radonda Vaught in a tense plight as many people are still wondering about the whereabouts of some of her family.

Many have questioned and still asking if Radonda Vaught actually has a husband to come defend her or not.

We detail to you what we currently know about such pending issues.

Who is married to Radonda Vaught?

There is no information gathered yet about the husband of the nurse Radonda Vaught. It is also unknown whether or not she is even married or was in a relationship before this came up.

For now, Radonda’s husband is not known and we are still waiting for any news that pops up around this issue especially as she is facing trial.

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