Raphael Armattoe Nationality And Ethnicity

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Ghanaian physician, anthropologist, author, poet, and politician Raphael Ernest Grail Armattoe was well-known.

After studying medicine, literature, and anthropology in continental Europe, Armattoe and his wife relocated to Edinburgh, where he obtained his medical license to practice in the British Isles.

Armattoe found work in Northern Ireland as a locum in Belfast before being assigned to the Civil Defence First Aid Post in Brooke Park, Derry, where he served from 1939 to 1945. Following the publication of his book The Golden Age of West African Civilization in 1946, Armattoe gained increased notoriety.

Armattoe also made headlines in newspapers when he asserted that the Russians had created an atomic bomb the size of a tennis ball.

Armattoe presented his statement to US President Truman during a press conference, but he never revealed the source of his information.

Raphael Armattoe Nationality And Ethnicity

Raphael Armattoe was a Ghanaian citizen of Ewe ethnicity. Armattoe was born in the coastal Ghanaian town of Keta in the Volta Region in 1913.

He had a strong connection to his Ghanaian roots. His proficiency in his native Ewe language served as additional evidence of his strong ties to his ethnic group.

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