Rapper Ikechukwu Shares Hopeful Progress On His Health Condition

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Recall as we reported a few days ago that Rapper Ikechukwu Onunaku explained that his right side was paralyzed by acute sciatica and a herniated disc, while on a video call with media personality Daddy Freeze.

Narrating the situation to Freeze, he said, “Baba I get herniated disc and acute sciatica and it paralyzed my whole right side, lumbar 4 and 5. A whole me can you imagine, na bed wen I don dey since. Baba, if you see me, I’m not same person you knew before, the guy who does backflips left and right.”

“To waka dey pain me. I no fit waka. I pulled it on the 17th in the morning, and instead of calming down, I went to a show I was booked for, the following day, I couldn’t get out of bed. After two more days of dealing with the pain, I had to rush to Evercare Hospital around 3 a.m.”

However, a few days after, a lot of his fans and followers are hopeful of his come-back as he posted a video of himself making efforts to get back on his feet with the help of crutches. In another video, he was seen exercising his body.

While sharing the videos, he wrote a caption that read, “Slowly but surely. I will get back walking . I will touch my toes without bending my knees. I will feel no sharp stabs in my back or legs . I will do back flip in February. All the things I took for granted by letting my regular practices fall off. Never again as God is my witness and healer. I dey come. I will also gain the weight back.”

Watch the joyful videos as we share below:


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