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Raven-Symoné Punches Back Against Criticism: ‘Imma Do What Makes Me Happy’

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Raven-Symoné would like her faultfinders to realize that she isn’t upset by them. The 36-year-old entertainer posted a TikTok video featuring a portion of the backfire she’s gotten since getting back to Disney Channel for her hit show, Raven’s Home, and showing precisely the way in which she might want to answer said reactions.


In the video, Symoné – – who looks smart in an all-white suit with a humble flower itemizing and no top under – – strolls nearer to the camera as remarks she’s gotten seem onscreen.

They read: “‘Ooh I’m telling Disney.’ ‘You demolished my experience growing up.’ ‘You went downhill.’ ‘She’s as yet significant.'”


“My public reaction: quiet. My mind: 36 years in the game and individuals can’t deal with reality that imma do what fulfills me… . Wifed up, piled up, and mindin’ my own DAMN business… ” Symoné inscriptions the remainder of the clasp, referring to getting hitched to her better half, Miranda Maday.

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Symoné and Maday secured the bunch during a private service in 2020, and during an appearance on Tamron Hall, the pair shared insights concerning their tornado sentiment. In the wake of meeting at a karaoke bar in Los Angeles, Symoné bought a one-way ticket for Maday to come to New York. At the point when Maday acknowledged her proposition, the rest was history.


In the interim, Symoné as of late talked with ET to praise the 100th episode of Raven’s Home, a continuation series to the famous Disney show, That’s So Raven. The achievement episode highlighted the arrival of Anneliese van der Pol, who played Chelsea on That’s So Endlessly raven Home.

The entertainer left the series in front of season 5 after the show went through a delicate reboot with new characters in another city.


Symoné got back to having van der Pol on set “amazing.”

“The call was simple. Jed Scott and Anthony, the other EPS of the show had a great plan to make the 100th episode a 100th festival on camera too.


So we’re celebrating behind the scenes, on camera,” she shared. “I couldn’t assume total ownership for the rebound. It’s all interested parties, even Disney Channel since they know how significant it is. What’s more, particularly for a youngster show to keep going, as long as it has. It’s astounding.”


Symoné recently let ET know that she is a “devotee” in attempting to bring “however many individuals as we can” to the show, including famous characters from That’s So Raven, and she remains by that assertion.

“We have shouts to everybody that has at any point been a piece of the Raven Baxter family, even from the first show to now,” she guaranteed. “In this way, there are loads of calls out. Certain individuals have voice messages, certain individuals actually have two different ways. In this way, as long as we can speak, I’m certain we’re great.”


With regards to praising the achievement of both TV shows, Symoné said it’s “astonishing to have the option to be a piece of a show that has steered my profession.”

“I have been a piece of the Raven Baxter establishment since I was 14 years of age. I’m 36 at this point.


Furthermore, through this show, I’ve had the option to figure out how to deliver. I’ve had the option to figure out how to coordinate. I’ve had the option to figure out how to compose a content and I’m ready to change my identity as a craftsman through this interaction and meet a few astonishing individuals through it.


So it’s been astonishing and I’m so cheerful where we are at the present time,” she spouted.

“I trust the tradition of this show is that regardless of where you reside and who you’re companions with, you can constantly make an astonishing family,” she closed. “Since it’s about affection and staying together and remaining standing for each other and it’s OK to appear as something else. Furthermore, assuming that you have dreams, don’t tell anyone, simply save the world.”

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