Ray J Admits 2007 Sex Tape Release Was A Planned Partnership With Kim Kardashian And Kris Jenner


In the exclusive discussion with The Daily Mail, dropped touchy insights concerning the notorious tape. Its delivery in 2007 through Vivid Entertainment was a consensual partnership between him, Kim, and


“Spilled nothing. I have never released a sex tape in my life. It has never been a break,” Ray J said. “It’s forever been an arrangement and an organization between Kris Jenner and Kim and me and we’ve forever been accomplices starting from the start of this thing.”


Per Ray J, the previous couple recorded the sexual substance back in 2002 while observing Kimberly’s birthday. He conceded that delivering the sex tape was at first his thought subsequent to seeing the notoriety Paris Hilton gathered from her spilled video.


Beam J said Kim bounced on the thought, in any event, roping in her mom to deal with the coordinated operations with Vivid Entertainment.

“… Once I tried out the plan to her, simply playing around somewhat, that is the point at which she hopped on the thought, conversed with her mother, and it was none of my concern from that point,” Ray J said.


Evidently, Kim and Ray marked an agreement to deliver three sexual-in-nature recordings, which he said Kim alone has previously possessed beginning around 2002.

“She kept them all – she needed to go get that tape [Sex Tape Cabo #1] and afterward present it. I never had a tape in my control in our entire relationship,” Ray J said. “I never had a solitary one at my home – she had them at her home.


She’s constantly had every one of the tapes in a Nike shoebox under her bed.”

At last, just a single video was delivered, however, Ray claims Kim ought to have all the recording.

Beam J Claims The ‘Spilled Tape’ Story Ruined His Industry Opportunities.
As well as talking on the sex tape, Ray J imparted insights concerning his gathering to Kanye West at LAX, his life in the a long time since delivering the video, and a new discussion with .

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Beam J uncovered he feels lament for his part in putting the tape out there since he alone was openly faulted for spilling it.


In any case, he’s remained quiet for such a long time, with the exception of periodic remarks like last week, because of an agreement he guarantees he endorsed without legitimate counsel.


“I felt self-destructive in light of the fact that when you know something’s genuine and it’s valid, and you’re watching an entire family make a domain from a falsehood they’ve made, shocking and ill bred to every one of the performers have been straightforward and consistent with their specialty,” Ray J said.

He proceeded,


“As a person of color living and working in America, it’s difficult to get up each day and post at the water or take a gander at my family and realize that they think something about you when you know it’s 1,000 percent the alternate way. How would you live that way?”


As indicated by Ray J, the standing he acquired from the storyline turned by Kim and Kris shut significant entryways for him, including being highlighted on “any respectable significant organization TV program,” on “Hitting the dance floor with the Stars,” and even “America’s Got Talent.”


“As a result of what they made me, I’m not permitted to be in those spots,” Ray J said. Likewise adding, “For my purposes, I’ve been treading lightly believing I will cause problems for coming clean and I’ve been clutching it for the beyond 14 years and watching them embarrass me. They’re commending my obliteration.”


Beam J Claims Kim’s Sex Tape “Untruth” Affects Him As A Father
To Ray J, it’s notable individuals, particularly girl Melody and child Epik, know reality.

“I simply believe my girl and my child should appreciate what I’ve done here on Earth and realize that their father doesn’t go for taking advantage of ladies, affronting ladies and spilling film of somebody who didn’t give consent,” Ray J said.

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Kim K And Ray J Exchange Messages About The Hulu Episode
Beam J’s mission for uncovering reality came after he understood the Kardashians utilized the sex tape as a storyline in their new show. He communicated the straw that broke the camel’s back being the second when Kim claimed Ray J could have film of him “putting a dildo in [her] a**.”


Beam J purportedly contacted Kim through Instagram in screen captures imparted to Daily Mail following 10 years of no correspondence. He apparently begged her in extensive messages to quit advancing the story that he released their sex tape.


“I know how promotion goes, and I get it 100 percent yet it has wild with this new story, and my group is my responsibility believing it’s valid,” Ray J kept in touch with Kim.

He then tongue in cheek referred to her dildo remark prior to adding “… yet genuinely, it makes me seem to be an attacker and filthy perv, and I’m getting a ton of slack from it.”


Kim Defends Her Portrayal Of Ray J and The Sex Tape On TV
The ex-pair traded various messages in the screen captures, however Kimberly apparently never conceded or rejected that the sex tape discharge was an organization. All things being equal, she explained a couple of her remarks on the new episode.


“On the off chance that you’re resentful about the dildo remark, it was plainly a wry joke and I was snickering when I said it,” Kim purportedly composed. “My set them ablaze remark was speculation to anybody taking steps to hold his over my head 20 years after the fact.


We are the two guardians now with small children and professions and I’m certain you need to continue on from this very much as I do. Yet, your supervisor is the individual who brought this all up out no place and I reserve a privilege to share what it meant for me.”

Talking on her reactions, Ray J let Daily Mail know that he would have stayed calm had they not kept on selling the release account.

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“In the event that they didn’t return and show how they truly were, the means by which avaricious and foul they truly were, I couldn’t have ever had the excitement or the will to go out and talk my reality,” Ray J said.


What Happened At The Airport With Kanye West?
Concerning what occurred at LAX with Ye, Ray J said they held a four-hour meeting in a confidential terminal. While Kanye looked into the recording on the PC, Ray said he addressed the Donda craftsman on a “father to father” level. Obviously, the PC and hard drive Kanye provided for Kim in the episode contained pictures, recordings, and even discussions with between the ex-couple. The discussions were Kim connecting in 2007 and extra discussions between 2007-2009 about the organization.


“It was anything but a sex tape – it was a ton of pictures, a great deal of minimal smaller than expected recordings and a ton of verification we’ve been talking about throughout the years [since they split in 2006]. Assuming you send me an email in 2008, the PC doesn’t change the date on it,” Ray J said.

And keeping in mind that Ray J expects ramifications for standing up, he told the power source he moreover “feels better” subsequent to emptying his reality.


He said cash and a conciliatory sentiment won’t work, rather he says Kim needs to “be straightforward” with herself.

“This has been a weight for me. It’s been a humiliation for me. My family has scrutinized my uprightness, My identity personally,” he said. Adding, “… .until the end of my life, I’m going to live in my reality. Also, not in the falsehood that has been made by Kris Jenner and Kim. I won’t allow them to do this to me any longer.”

At the hour of distribution, neither Kim Kardashian, Kanye West or Kris Jenner have answered Ray J’s story.

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