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Rebecca Romijn Takes Over the Captain’s Chair in ‘Star Trek

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On Thursday’s episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Number One (Rebecca Romijn), also known as Una Chin-Riley, accepts the commander’s seat when the USS Enterprise succumbs to a disease that assaults the boat. Individually, the whole boat is weakened – – with the exception of Number One – – who is compelled to face a mystery she’s been stowing away as she competitions to track down a fix.


In ET’s elite sneak look from the hour, named “Phantoms of Illyria,” Number One stops when she enters the Enterprise’s fundamental deck and reports to the team that Captain Pike and Spock are stuck on a superficial level until further notice. Also, when it’s protected, they’ll get them back.

However, for the present, she’s taken command of the boat and lets them know that they should adhere to their positions.

“Trainee Uhura, might you at any point get a sign?” Number One inquires.

“No, administrator. The particle storm is practically an interchanges power outage,” Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding) answers, letting it be known.

“I need to realize the subsequent you can associate with the skipper,” Number One exhorts, with Uhura affirming her undertaking.

Without overlooking anything, Number One runs down the obligations they should finish to guarantee that Captain Pike and Spock can securely return on board the boat. Appears to be the supervisor is a decent look on her, as she sits down in the chief’s seat.

In front of the series, Romijn talked about how Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will harken back to exemplary Star Trek episodes.

“Anyone who adored the first series, which was the way I was acquainted with Star Trek at eight years old by my mother, we’re attempting to embrace the first tone of the first series, which were independent episodes, not serialized like the other Star Trek shows, which offers us a chance in every episode to investigate an abnormal new world,” she told ET. “Star Trek has forever been an unbelievable stage for narrating with significant informing implanted. Thus, while the show is perfect and the exhibitions are perfect and the narratives are fantastic, there’s continuously going to be an action item. I trust, similar to the first series, it flashes discussion.”

“It would start discussions about acknowledgment, about individuals from various foundations cooperating one next to the other, about interest and investigation,” Romijn proceeded. “What’s more, incidentally, no mishap moms acquaint their children with Star Trek. As the main mother in the cast, you take a gander at your youngster and all you see is interest and a requirement for investigation. You need to encourage your youngster to consider some fresh possibilities and be interested. I trust that it does this for another age of Star Trek fans.”

New episodes of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds drop Thursdays on Paramount+.

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