Red Og Murphy suicide: Did Red Og Murphy die by suicide?

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Tributes have poured in for Red Óg Murphy, the Sligo footballer who sadly passed away at the age of 21.

He was a talented young footballer who had been very impressive on many occasions, when playing for Sligo, DCU and his club, Curry.

Murphy was studying to be a teacher at DCU in Dublin. He also played for the university’s GAA team.

The news of his sudden death sent shock waves through his local community.

The Sligo county councillor, Martin Connolly, who was also Murphy’s neighbour, told sources that the local community is “devastated” and “speechless” at the news of the young footballer’s tragic death and is rallying around to support his family.

“The community is devastated here,” he said. “The parish of Curry in Sligo, the parish that he played for, the community is absolutely devastated.

“Speechless is the word I’d put on it. People are walking around in a daze, they don’t know what has happened.

“Our sympathies is all we can do, to give our sympathies to his dad and mum, Geraldine and Redmond, and his two brothers.

“The community is rallying around here big time. There are ten or 15 people in the community centre, cleaning it and getting it ready for the events that’ll happen in the next couple of days.”

“He was a highly respected young fellow in this parish. The world was thought of him,” Mr Connolly added.

“Young boys and girls in the area here in Moylough National School, where he went to school, they really looked up to that lad.

“Everybody is so shocked and saddened for the family and for the community. This is a great community here, the family will be looked after.”

Did Red Og Murphy die by suicide?

Murphy’s death is suspected to be a suicide, however, those are just rumours, as his cause of death is yet to be released.

The Gaelic Players Association have paid their tribute to Murphy after news of his untimely death broke.

“We remember Red Óg Murphy, a young man gone far too early. To his family, loved ones, friends and teammates; our hearts are broken for you. Players across Ireland have lost one of their own. May he rest in peace,” the statement from GPA reads.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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