Reese Witherspoon Shares Details About Jon Hamm’s ‘Complex’ Character In New Season Of ‘The Morning Show’

It was as of late reported that Jon Hamm would join Apple TV+ series “The Morning Show” for its impending third season, playing a “corporate titan” looking at the UBA organization, home to the nominal daytime TV show facilitated by Alex Levy and Bradley Jackson (played by Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, separately).

Witherspoon, who’s likewise a maker on the show, shared more insights concerning Hamm’s personality, Paul Marks, during a FYC occasion held at The Edition inn in West Hollywood.

“I could have gotten a ton of calls from my companions when they reported Jon Hamm,” she kidded to Deadline.

“He the best,” she said of the “Psychos” star.

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“It’s a decent part as well. You’re about to get the full Hamm,” she expressed, adding with a giggle, “Pause, that didn’t sound right.”

While data about Hamm’s personality is being left hidden, Witherspoon depicted Paul Marks as “an extremely complicated character” who will go head to head against UBA network president Cory Ellison, played by Billy Crudup.

“He’s a news big shot and he keeps Billy Crudup honest, which I believe is the best time part as well, since Billy could eat a scene such that I will most likely never see again someone eat a scene, and Hamm will come in and give him an extraordinary foil,” Witherspoon said, contrasting the connection between the two A-type characters to “Outsider versus Hunter.”

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The third time of “The Morning Show” has quite recently begun creation, and is supposed to air at some point one year from now.


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