Reginald Guillaume (Guitaro 5000) Wife: Is He Married?

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American guitarist and singer/songwriter “Guitaro5000,” also known as Reginald Guillaume, is a highly sought-after artist in the tri-state region.

Guitaro 5000 magically brings to life everyone’s favourite hit songs by combining smooth, soulful vocals with virtuosic-like guitar playing and percussion effects on his acoustic guitar for a sound that can easily replace a full band without anyone realizing it.

He has an arsenal of hundreds of popular Top40 songs under his belt to turn any private party or corporate function into a festive celebration.

Guitaro5000 has amused and amazed people of all ages over the past 10 years as he sings and plays such a wide selection of music, including favourites from the 1950s to today’s Top40.

Reginald Guillaume (Guitaro 5000) Wife: Is He Married?

Reginald Guillaume is not married, unfortunately. Reginald has laid down his plan, for now, to make sure his career is solid and thriving before he adds a wife to it.


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