Reginald Guillaume (Guitaro 5000) Wikipedia, Age, Biography, Songs, Wife, Children

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Reginald Guillaume also known as Guitaro5000 is a Hatian-born American. He has ganered attention due to his talent and expertise with music and the guitar.

He has a huge fan base on his YouTube channel and a large number of views as well. Guitaro5000 reportedly came to light in 2010 while performing often in New York, mostly subways.

Reginald Guillaume (Guitaro 5000) Wikipedia

The singer is yet to have his biography on Wikipedia.

Reginald Guillaume Age

Unfortunately, the singer’s age is unknown.

Reginald Guillaume Biography

Reginald Guillaume, popularly referred to as Guitaro5000 although well-known now, has not shared information about his personal life. His age, educational and family background remains unknown at the moment.

Reginald Guillaume Songs

Reginald Guillaume does not have original songs. He does covers of albums

Reginald Guillaume Wife

Reginald Guillaume does not have a wife yet.

Reginald Guillaume Children

Currently, there are no documentations about whether he has children or not.


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