Ghanaian politician, Victoria Lakshmi Hamah has spoken on Francisca Lamini's decision to reject her chance to go to Dubai. The young brilliant girl said, although she was given this opportunity for being the most outstanding student, she will not go without her other two male contestants.

Reacting to this, the former Deputy Communications Ministers under the NDC Government took to Facebook to say that what did was not heroism, but rather an attack against Gender Affirmative Action.

She wrote:

This is not heroism but attack against Gender Affirmative Action!

This “brave” girl hasn't yet understood the world.

She is yet to recognize that her singular celebratory experiences from the competition results from centuries of activism towards women's liberation and that the reward wasn't only for her but for the collective struggles of all women.

She is only benefiting from the works and struggles of women and men before her who have and continue to fight for a gender balance society.

It's unfortunate that, she rejects this justifying affirmative action reward to her.

And all those who applaud her for rejecting the reward extended to her, similarly also lack the historical understanding of women's liberation struggles.
Rejecting the Dubai opportunity over your boys is not heroism - Victoria Lakshmi Hamah tells Francisca Lamini

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