Rema Reacts After Being Called Out Over His Embarrassing Performance In Portugal

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After being criticized by a female fan on TikTok for his poor performance during a concert in Portugal, Nigerian artist Rema has defended himself.

According to the lady based in Portugal, Rema did not sing at all and did not make good use of his voice, his most valuable instrument and she was very disappointed.

Numerous people who agreed with the woman’s criticisms of the performers have continued to circulate the video on social media and also shared their thoughts on it,

In response, Rema blamed the show’s organizers on his verified Twitter page.

He said: “Whoever came for Afronation day 1 knew the sound was BAD. 2 second delay feedback from the mic, no in-ear monitors for Artists to keep track of the audio the audience was receiving.

“Let’s not even talk about provisions they make for Artists to come with ‘bands’ still I made use of Live sessions at first and I cut it off & improvised cause I wasn’t satisfied with the sound, I even complained on stage.

One thing leads to another, know this! But I just can’t watch people take shots @ me and my brother, Omah Lay. Lastly, we’ll all learn, grow & do better, As artists & Organizers, Peace.”

mikkytorina wrote; ‘This is the only reason why Burnaby will forever remain at the top (pure musical talent) pure music vocals… you can’t learn that…

tslow wrote; ‘They dunno.. Don’t mind them.. .. Come to a concert, and Na the fans go sing over half of the song.. All of them should go and meet African Giant for Tutorials…… only one man they shake crowd…


See his tweets and more reactions below;

Rema Reacts After Being Called Out Over His Embarrassing Performance In Portugal


officialslownat wrote; The babe seemed like an Artist too from her TikTok username. She is clout chasing knowing Nigeria will respond to her critic*sm

graciedanielz wrote; Somebody had to say it! A lot of Nigerian artists just play their music in the background and shout off-key at concerts.

Like I won’t pay money to watch you jump around and sweat on stage. People pay money to see musical prowess, not unnecessary screaming. Some artists need to do better abeg.


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