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The Level Up Season coming to an end, and Housemates are reflecting on some of the moments and Housemates who helped them create highlight moments. Rachel and Diana were there, both as individuals and as part of a situation that brought them together; Giddyfia. Giddyfia’s love square is still a topic of discussion in ’s House.

Daniella and Chichi both mentioned instances when Rachel was rude to them. Chichi was annoyed by the way Rachel approached her during the pitch. Rachel’s first sentence was, “I know you won’t pick me,” and it was clear that she would not beg Chichi to save her from eviction when she became Head of House and had Supreme Veto Power. Instead, Rachel took the opportunity to tell Chichi that she needed to own up to her mistakes. Chichi also told Rachel, who called Chichi a liar, about ’s table-shaking question.

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Adekunle was hurt by Rachel’s behavior in the House because he “really wanted to be friends with her.” It appears that Adekunle did not communicate his change of heart to Rachel. This clarifies Rachel’s confusion about Adekunle’s feelings for Daniella. During the Sunday Live Eviction Show 10, Adekunle told Ebuka that he and Daniella are getting closer and that he wants to get to know her better. Rachel was hurt by this statement, and she told Biggie about it in the Diary Room, even naming Adekunle as someone she would evict if she had the power because she no longer understood him.

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The Giddyfia love triangle was brought to the forefront when Adekunle stated that he was unaware of Diana’s suspicion. Diana was irritated by Rachel’s proximity to Giddyfia at a Saturday Night Party. Adekunle asked Rachel and Giddyfia if they were on a ship, and both of them denied it. Soon after, Adekunle discovered that their denial was false and that the two were in love, even kissing at one point.

said during their Garden gist, “Diana knew what she was saying.” The Housemates praised her maturity and how Diana’s age caused her to avoid someone who was nine years younger than her but gave her a headache. Diana, Adekunle reasoned, was always one step ahead of what happened at the House and would always tell Adekunle after the fact that she was correct.

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