Rest in Peace Sy trending on Twitter: Sy cause of death


As the news of ’s death was announced, friends, family, and loved ones were heartbroken. On June 23, 2022, information on the deceased’s death was disseminated on social media.

Sympathizers share their thoughts on Twitter:


“Hours before Sy died, she told me about the letter on her notes, to thank her friends here on Twitter, and to close this account of hers. to everyone who’s wishing her the best, Thank You.”
7:37 AM · Jun 23, 2022


“May your soul rest in peace, Sy. we love you. ♡ we don’t know each other but the moment I’ve read your letter and saw the word “architect”, nanghina ako. from now on, you are one of my inspirations to keep going.”
“Sy, I love you so much 🙁 we were waiting for u to come back here but it seems that u are not coming back anymore 🙁 sending my deep condolences to your family and friends, rest now our angel. u will always be missed, we love u!”
__ً isha


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Rest in Peace Sy trending on Twitter: Sy’s cause of death

Many concerned people, particularly those close to Sy’s family, are wondering how her life ended. As of now, we cannot confirm or broadcast Sy’s cause of death because the family has yet to release a statement revealing the facts. Nonetheless, it appears that little can be known for the time being until the family makes a definitive comment on the matter. As is customary, we will follow up and update this post as soon as it is confirmed.


We mourn alongside Sy’s family, and we understand how depressing things might be right now, so we send our thoughts and prayers to everyone impacted.


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