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Revelation Church LA Phone Number

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In 2007, Prophet Lovy Elias started The Revelation Church Los Angeles. God gave him the order to start a prayer group in his living room in 2013 that would focus on manifestations of miracles, signs, and wonders, as well as prophetic teaching, deliverance, healing, and revelational prayer.

Family is important to the Revelation Church. However, in order to join, a person must be 18 years of age of older.
Those under 18 must have their parents or guardians register then on the church website.

There is a is a ton of information for new worshippers in the church’s website, especially if you are traveling from another state. There are details on the location of the closest airport, Air BnBs, dining options, and transportation.

On April 3, 2019, Prophet Lovy Elias started broadcasting his lectures live on Facebook and YouTube. All of Elias’ prior classes are stored and accessible on YouTube, and he still live.

On February 7, 2021, Elias relocated the Revelation Church of Jesus Christ’s administrative and worship centers to Sim Valley, California.

Revelation Church LA Phone Number

The contact number of Revelation Church LA Is (323)7596146. The congregation of Revelation Church clearly embodies the true spirit of the Christian religion but shows love to one another.


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