Robert Rimmer Parents: Francis Henry Rimmer, Blanche Rosealma Rimmer

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Robert Henry Rimmer was an American writer brought forth into the world on March 14, 1917, in Boston, Massachusetts.

The American writer was the author of several books, most notably The Harrad Experiment, which ended up being made into a film in 1973.

Robert Rimmer, as he was commonly known, gave up his breath on August 1, 2001, at the age of 84. He died in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Robert Rimmer Parents

Francis Henry Rimmer and Blanche Rosealma Rimmer are the famed parents of Robert Rimmer. His father Francis was a printing company owner while Blanche Rosealma his mother had her career remaining unknown. Robert had his relationship with his father, and his mother reflected in some of his works.

Amongst them was the novel The Rebellion of Yale Marrat in which he stated, “I transformed portions of my realities into fiction. Pat Marrat, for example, is a fleshier, cigar-smoking version of FH. The conflict between Matt Godwin and his father in The Immoral Reverend has many similarities.”


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