Robert Walker Wife: Meet Hanna Hertelendy

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Robert Hudson Walker was an actor from the United States. He played the villain in Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train (1951), which was released shortly before his death. He battled alcoholism and mental illness, which were compounded by his terrible divorce from Hanna Hertelendy.

Walker starred in Leo McCarey’s My Son John (1952), which was released at the height of the Red Scare. He died before the film’s completion, and perspectives from his death scene in Strangers on a Train were merged into another theatrical death scene near the conclusion.

Robert Walker Wife: Meet Hanna Hertelendy

Hertelendy married Robert Walker on July 27, 1949. She was Walker’s third and final wife. However, Hertelendy married for the fourth time to Hungarian-American film and television actor, Stephen Bekassy. Walker died in 1951 at 32, allegedly due to an adverse reaction to a medicine prescribed by his psychiatrist. Hanna Hertelendy (née Ilona Zimka) was born on October 5, 1919, and was casually called Hanna Landy. She passed away in 2008. She worked with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the North Hollywood-based Theater West for almost 4 decades.

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