Rowan Atkinson Parents: Ella May Bainbridge, Eric Atkinson

English actor, comedian and writer, was born on 6 January 1955 (age [calculate_years datestring=”1/6/1955″]) in Consett, County Durham, England.

is the youngest child of the four children of his parents.

Rowan Atkinson Parents

His parents were Eric Atkinson and Ella May. Rowan Atkinson’s father Eric Atkinson was a farmer and a company director.

Eric Atkinson and his wife Ella May also known as Bainbridge got married on 29 June 1945.

Eric and Ella May become well known because of the celebrity status of their world-famous son Rowan Atkinson.

Long after their demise, many fans of Rowan Atkinson continue to make more enquiries about his parents.

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Rowan Atkinson Siblings

Rowan Atkinson has three older siblings who are all males. His brothers are Paul, Rodney and Rupert.

Paul died as an infant. Rodney Atkinson born inĀ 1948, is a British academic, politician and economic.

He is the second of the four sons of their parents. Rodney Atkinson is equally a renowned politician who is very influential

All the siblings of Rowan Atkinson are well to do in their respective careers.

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