Ruby Franke Family: Husband, Children, Parents, Siblings

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Rubby Franke is an American former family vlogger who ran the now-defective YouTube channel called 8 Passengers.

She was born on born on January 18, 1982.

On her YouTube channel, she documented her family life in Utah with he husband, Kevin and their six children. As of June 2020, her YouTube channel had about 2.5 million subscribers with 1 billion views.

Ruby Franke Family; Husband

Ruby Franke’s husband is Kevin Franke. The two have six children together. The couple separated later and Kevin moved out of their house. Ruby Franke filed for a divorce in 2023 which was a year after they separated.

Ruby Franke children

Ruby Franke and Kevin Franke had six lovely children together. They are Shari, Chad, Abby, Julie, Russelle and Eve.

Ruby Franke parents

The parents of Ruby Franke are Chad and Jennifer Grifiths. Her parents have been supportive during her YouTube documentations.

Ruby Franke siblings

Ruby Franke has four sisters who are Julie Deru, Bonnie hoellein, Beau Griffith and Ellie Meacham

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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