Ruger real face without eye patch


Michael Adebayo popularly known as was born in State. He is a rapper and a songwriter. There has been a lot of controversies surrounding the rappers state of being.

He is sometimes known as Ruger one eyed, the reason is he wearing an eye patch on one of his eye. Particularly his left eye. It was regarded as a result of he being blind or an injury on his left eye. He later explained to the general public that he chose to pose that eye stance was he doing to pay respect to someone he so much revered.

From sources his name actually precedes a company or group that deals with guns and weapons and he added that the shooting stance of using one eye as a Guage was also a thrilling factor.

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In his debut album titled Pandemic, he had an eye signature attached to it which he had since never been seen without.

Below is a photo of Ruger without an eye patch:


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