SA Singer Ngelosi Mtshali between life and death after a hit and run


is currently battling for his life in the hospital after involving in a deadly accident that occurred on 12th January.

The singer was having his normal morning run at Gamalakhe in Port Shepstone, KZN when a car knocked him down and drove off without attending to him.

Ngelosi Mtshali got very injured and had some of his bones broken, but he is currently recovering at home after he was discharged from the hospital two days ago.

Ngelosi Mtshali expressed deep emotion about the cruelty of the driver that knocked him down because he was on the pedestrian lane when the vehicle knocked him and drove away.

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“Many bones, including those next to my chest and upper arm, were broken and my head was badly hit.” He revealed to Daily Sun.

According to Ngelosi Mtshali, a woman called the ambulance which saved his life. Ngelosi has also urged all drivers to be careful when driving and to also stay away from alcohol when driving.

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