Sam Aliassime Wikipedia, Age, Togo, Nationality, Wife, Children, Net worth


Felix Auger the son of was born Félix Auger-Aliassime on August 8, 2000. He is a Canadian tennis player. He is the second-youngest player ranked in the top 10 by the ATP, and has a career-high singles ranking of No. 9, which was achieved on January 10, 2022, and a doubles ranking of No. 60, attained on November 1, 2021. Felix Auger has one singles title and one doubles title on the ATP Tour.

Sam Aliassime Wikipedia

Sam Aliassime is not featured on Wikipedia.

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Sam Aliassime Age

Sam Aliassime’s age is unknown.

Sam Aliassime Togo

Sam Aliassime immigrated from Togo to at the age of 26.

Sam Aliassime Nationality

Sam Aliassime is Canadian but immigrated from Togo.

Sam Aliassime Wife

Sam Aliassime is married to Marie Auger.

Sam Aliassime Children

Sam Aliassime is father to Felix Auger and Malaika Auger. Malaika is his only daughter. She is also a tennis player.

Sam Aliassime Net worth

Sam Aliassime’s net worth is unknown but his son Felix’s net worth is $2 million.


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