Sam Gilliam second wife: Who is Annie Gawlak?

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Sam Gilliam, who lived in America from November 30, 1933, to June 25, 2022, was a color field painter and lyrical abstractionist.

In the 1950s and 1960s, a group of artists from the Washington, D.C., area known as the Washington Color School transformed color field painting into an abstract art style. Gilliam was a part of this movement.

Additionally, abstract expressionism and lyrical abstraction have both been identified as influences on his work. He uses stretched, draped, and wrapped canvas, and he also incorporates 3D sculptural components.

Around 1965, he was acknowledged as the first artist to propose the concept of a painted canvas that was draped and suspended without stretcher bars. This had a significant impact on the Color Field School and the canon of modern painting.

Sam Gilliam second wife: Who is Annie Gawlak?

Dorothy Butler, a native of Louisville and the first African-American woman to write a column for The Washington Post, was married to Gilliam in 1962. In spite of their 1980s divorce, they had three daughters (Stephanie, Melissa, and Leah), along with three grandchildren. Following the split, he got to know Annie Gawlak.

Annie Gawlak was the proprietor of the defunct G Fine Art gallery in Washington, D.C. After 35 years together, the couple were married in 2018. She also has a studio on 14th Street, NW, which is close to Colorado Avenue.

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