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Samantha and Aaron have reportedly made appearances at a number of events and gatherings, according to media reports. and Bracksieck were wed on December 11, 2021, according to media reports.


Samantha Bracksieck, a well-known American celebrity spouse, media personality, and entrepreneur from San Joaquin, California, is 28 years old and was born on August 12, 1993. Samantha is well recognized around the nation as Aaron Judge’s longtime partner.

Aaron is a right fielder in Major League Baseball who represents the New York Yankees, according to Wikipedia (MLB)

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He also won the Most Valuable Player in the American League honor. Aaron and Samantha are reportedly buddies from college, according to some media accounts. They have been dating for a while. However, accurate information on Samantha’s line of work is not readily available.

Samantha Bracksieck Age

Samantha Bracksieck is 28 years.

Samantha Bracksieck Husband

Samantha Bracksieck is married to  Aaron Judge

Samantha Bracksieck Family

Samantha is said to be a member of a stable joint family, according to media reports. She identifies as a Christian. Her zodiac sign is Leo based on her birthdate. Gregory Alan is her father’s name, according to the sources. Homemaker Karen Bracksieck is her mother.

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Her family consists of three siblings: two brothers and a sister. Her brothers Greg and Joseph Bracksieck, according to the sources, are business owners. Her sister’s name is Kristine Bracksieck, on the other hand. She cherishes time spent with her loved ones and friends.

Samantha Bracksieck Nationality

Samantha Bracksieck is an American national

Samantha Bracksieck Occupation

Samantha Bracksieck is an Entrepreneur

Samantha Bracksieck Instagram

Samantha Bracksieck Instagram profile is Instagram

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