Samir Sabri Wikipedia, Age, Son, Death, Wife, Parents, Family, Net Worth

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Samir Sabri’s Wikipedia

Samir Sabri is an actor, entertainer, television host and radio host. He was born in Alexandria and he is one of the biggest and most famous entertainers in Egypt.

Samir Sabri’s Age

Samir Sabri was born on December 27, 1936. This means as of May 2022, he is 85 years as of May 2022 and will turn 86 years in December 2022.

Samir Sabri’s Son

Samir Sabri had children but there is not much information about them. If there is any information, it will be updated.

Samir Sabri’s Death

Samir Sabri passed away as a result of a heart (cardiac) condition. He died at the age of 85 years.

Samir Sabri’s Wife

Samir Sabri was married but there is no information about her.

Samir Sabri’s Parents

Samir Sabri’s father is Jalal Sabri. There is no details about his mother.

Samir Sabri’s Family

Samir Sabri’s father is the only person who is known publicly. There is no information about the rest of his family members.

Samir Sabri’s Net Worth

Samir Sabri’s net worth is estimated at an amount that ranges from five hundred thousand dollars to one million dollars.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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