Sara Suleri Goodyear cause of death

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Famous American author and professor emeritus of English at Yale University, Sara Suleri Goodyear has died on March 21, 2022.

The death of the veteran author and teacher has taken all over the internet due to the influence she wielded. Tributes started pouring in immediately the news of her demise hit the headlines.

Sara Suleri Cause of Death

According to the information that followed her passing, she died after a prolonged illness.

The actual ailments which ‘liquidated’ her is not known currently. The family of the deceased or doctors are yet to make a formal statement regarding her untimely death.

Meanwhile, lots of people kept sending condolences to the bereaved family for losing a very important icon. At the time of her death, Sara Suleri was 68 years old.

Sara Suleri Goodyear Personal Profile

She was born on June 12, 1953 in Karachi, Dominion of Pakistan. She was one of the six children of Mair Jones and Ziauddin Ahmad Suleri.

Sara Suleri Goodyear Education

Sara Suleri Goodyear attended her secondary education in Lahore and earned her B.A at Kinnaird College for Women.

She went on to graduate with a PhD from Indiana University Bloomington in 1983.

Sara Suleri Goodyear was a very influential woman during her lifetime. Her legacy would always be remembered.

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