Sarah Martins’s followers applaud in response to her unneeded life advise.

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Sarah Martins, a Nigerian actress, has drawn criticism for offering “unwanted life advice” to her followers in an Instagram post.

Sarah had previously expressed her opinions on alliances and relationships, which could have come across as harsh. People should cut off contact with those who do not enrich their lives, the actress suggested.

Nobody in your circle is allowed to accompany you to the next location, she stated. Sometimes, their departure lightens the burden, enabling you to arrive sooner. Learn to cut ties with individuals who don’t enrich your life.

Some admirers, who have been dragging her ever since the Yul and wife incident, wasted no time in dragging her once more.

From people who don’t enrich your life, “I just feel sorry for you!” one user noted.

Another admirer: Has the giving moment not passed?

Sarah Martins's followers applaud in response to her unneeded life advise.

I traveled and I’m returning now with my full chest, officialsarahmartins. Have you made that $500 million payment or are you still here sharing inspiration? another fan wrote.

Beautiful and sweet woman, @officialsarahmartins. You are the epitome of what real friendship can be or should look like; however, since you are supporting your friends, please refrain from criticizing others first. You can support your friend in silence without disparaging anyone because the monarch might now have friends, and imagine how she would feel if those friends began to tease Judith. Just be okay, and maintain a close hustle. A fan reacted


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