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Scandal actress KaiAnn Munyaka (Khanyi Jewel Nyathi’s) salary revealed

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Young actress KaiAnn Munyaka who plays the role of Khanyi Jwel Nyathi in Scandal has got her salary revealed. The child actress has become a household name in Mzansi following her exceptional acting skills at such a tender age.

She has become one of the favourite screen icons in recent times— she has been trending on social media owing to her exceptional talent.

In recent months, one of the reasons why she is even trending most is because she has become the face of the drama series after the death of her on-screen father, Quinton Nyathi. The celebrated and seasoned actor bowed out of Scandal through an accident. His death aided in pushing Khanyi Jewel Nyathi’s character into the limelight since she has been bonding more with her mother — with a mission of finding out what actually happened to her father.

Scandal actress KaiAnn Munyaka (Khanyi Jewel Nyathi’s) salary revealed

Her emotional scenes have got Scandal fans crushing on her.

During this time, a lot of people are asking a lot of questions about her. Well, we have managed to gather a few details about her off-screen life.

Her entrance into the movie industry all started from her starring in TV adverts. This made her to bag a role as an extra. But her exceptionality has made her one of the key supporting casts in recent years.

Since we weren’t able to lay hands on solid details about KaiAnn Munyaka, we can only feed you with the tittle-tattles for now. Rumour has it that she is 7-years old as of 2021.

Scandal actress KaiAnn Munyaka (Khanyi Jewel Nyathi’s) salary revealed

KaiAnn Munyaka (Khanyi Jewel Nyathi’s) salary

Despite little is known about the young actress, it has been gathered that KaiAnn Munyaka (Khanyi Jewel Nyathi’s) take home salary is around 10,000 Rand per month.

However, it is worth noting that, this isn’t fixed. It may vary based on factors such as time on scenes and role prominence and also, experience is key.

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