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Scott Weiland Net Worth At Death

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Scott Weiland was a musician and songwriter, best known as the lead singer and frontman of the American alternative rock band “Stone Temple Pilots”. He was born in San Jose, California in 1967 and died in 2015.

Weiland was married twice. His first wife was Janina Castaneda, whom he married in 1994 and divorced in 2000. He then married model Mary Forsberg in 2000, with whom he had two children – Noah, born in 2000, and Lucy, born in 2002.

Weiland was an incredibly talented performer and songwriter. He released four solo albums and had 11 Top 10 hits as a solo artist. With Stone Temple Pilots, he had 16 Top 10 hits and won a Grammy award for the song “Plush” in 1994.

Weiland’s music was a major influence on the alternative rock scene of the 1990s and 2000s. He was known for his powerful voice, energetic live performances, and ability to write timeless songs that resonate with people.

Weiland was also well known for his struggles with substance abuse, which ultimately led to his death in 2015 at the age of 48.

Scott Weiland Net Worth At Death

Scott Weiland had an estimated net worth $10 million dollars as at the time of his death.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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