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Sean Kanan, Melody Thomas Scott on Their ‘Bold & the Beautiful,’ ‘Young & the Restless’ Crossover

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It’s a crossover made in soap opera heaven! ! ET’s Matt Cohen talked with Sean Kanan and Tune Thomas Scott about their The Intense and the Lovely and The Youthful and the Fretful hybrid episodes and their on-screen sentiment.

“It’s so perfect to get over,” Kanan, who is getting back to the cleanser as Minister, following a 10-year break, spouted. “What’s astonishing is you can go from Los Angeles to General City by simply strolling across the passage.”

“It’s perfect to go over and see a portion of the entertainers there that I’ve worked with two or three years,” he added of his return, “and, you know, it is astonishing to work with Song. She’s daytime eminence.”

While the pair had a fleeting on-screen marriage, Kanan considered it a “enthusiastic one” that he attempts to resuscitate during his re-visitation of B&B, let ET know that he and Scott, who plays Nikki, practiced for some time to concoct a couple “exciting bends in the road” to put some “zest” into the exceptionally expected hybrid.

“It seems to be that I’m only there to give some data about a homicide that occurred around quite a while back, yet I think once Nikki and Elder are up close and personal, in a lodging no less, there’s most certainly a propensity. These two once had an exceptionally hot and weighty thing going on,” Kanan said of their get-together.

“She truly loves Elder as of now,” he added, “in spite of the fact that I put forth a valiant effort to attempt to change that during the scenes.”

The episodes will stamp Scott’s most memorable hybrid appearance on B&B. And keeping in mind that practically every last bit of her partners have taken the action, Scott said her opportunity has at last arrived.

“Everyone and their sibling has moved over to B&B on Y&R with the exception of me, thus, my opportunity has arrived.” Scott shared.

Concerning why she’s in B&B domain, Scott tells ET that Nikki is visiting the area to get some data on somebody who is causing “devastation” in Everyday City.

“All things considered, Nikki is here to attempt to get some data on Diane Jenkins, who has been causing a touch of devastation over in Everyday City, yet in addition she is there to get a delightful uniquely crafted dress for her granddaughter, Summer, for her commitment restoration,” Scott made sense of. “Thus, that is somewhat her main story, however that truly does really occur – – the genuine article is get soil on Diane.”

While Scott wouldn’t uncover how much show she works up in the hybrid episodes, she said that she lived it up offering the screen to Kanan once more.

“It’s brilliant, in light of the fact that we shared the best science and we just had such a great time – – goodness golly, how far back was it? I don’t have the foggiest idea, yet it appeared to be very much like yesterday now, and being with him once more, it’s generally the standard, worn out sorcery,” she shared.

Also, with regards to the stunts Minister has at his disposal, Scott said Mr. Appeal is “attempting,” notwithstanding Nikki’s unmistakable scorn for him.

“I think Elder, you know, charmer that he is, I think despite the fact that it’s under bizarre conditions, and he realizes that Nikki despises him presently, he’s actually trying,” Scott uncovered.

See Nikki and Elder rejoin when Scott’s episodes of The Strong and the Delightful start circulating Sept. 26 on CBS.

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