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Seth MacFarlane Insists ‘Family Guy’ Storyline Surrounding Trans Character Ida Davis Was Written From Writer’s Own Experience

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Seth MacFarlane talked about “Family Guy” presenting the transsexual person Ida Davis in another meeting with The Hollywood Reporter.

A portion of the jokes encompassing the person has been named as transphobic by watchers. Be that as it may, MacFarlane demanded one of his scholars wrote the storyline for a fact.

The person being referred to, Ida Davis, is Glenn, Gary, and Brenda Quagmire’s dad; a Vietnam war legend who goes through orientation affirmation medical procedure.

MacFarlane told THR: “There is certainly not a major change I would make. It’s more about individual minutes and individual jokes.

“The plan of the ‘Family Guy’ episode was to show that Quagmire’s dad was as yet a conflict legend, yet somebody that he could turn upward to and regard.

“As a matter of fact, that episode was composed by Steve Callaghan, an essayist on ‘Family Guy’, who had similar involvement in his own parent – his dad had changed to a lady – and he was composing, in numerous ways, from his own insight.”

He went on, referring to his experience fiction series “The Orville”: “Presently, unquestionably the language of ‘Family Guy’ makes that story somewhat not the same as it would be on something like ‘The Orville’, yet I feel that is something that gets lost a tad on occasion when we consider that show, that Steve was composing as a matter of fact.”

After Ida returned to the show in 2019, Out Magazine’s Mey Rude was among those censuring the person, remarking on one of the jokes which saw Ida get let by the barkeep know that she was unable to check out at pornography on her telephone there.

She answered, “Gracious, it’s OK, I’m transsexual,” to which the barkeep answered, “Goodness, I couldn’t really understand. Do anything you desire constantly.”

Brian the Dog was likewise consoled by his loved ones, “things that were gross a long time back are gallant,” after he stressed over having intercourse with Ida.

Inconsiderate expressed: “Gratitude for calling me gross and saying anybody able to have intercourse with is me a legend, Seth. That is simply perfect.”

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