Shad Thyrion Head In The Bucket Pictures

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Shad Thyrion’s severed head was discovered in a bucket in the basement of their Green Bay, Wisconsin, house on February 23, 2022, by his lover, Taylor Schabusiness. Later, investigators recovered more severed body pieces, including Thyrion’s bisected torso in a storage container.

A judge condemned Schabusiness, who was found guilty of killing her lover, sexually assaulting the body, and dismembering it, to life in jail without the possibility of release.

Shad Thyrion, 25, was killed by Taylor Schabusiness, 25, after they had a meth-fueled tryst in the basement of Thyrion’s mother’s Green Bay house. Schabusiness afterwards used kitchen knives to cut off his skull and penis, she said detectives.

According to the Green Bay Post-Gazette, Brown County Circuit Judge Walsh noted before handing down the sentence, “The offense in this case can’t be overstated.”

“It seems like you’ve used all the accolades. where the victim’s mutilated remains are found? These are unusual behaviors. There aren’t any words to describe how they startle the neighborhood.

Shad Thyrion Head In The Bucket Pictures

Although Thyrion was brutally murdered and had his head in the bucket found in his mother’s basement, there aren’t any striking photographs or photos of it on the internet.


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