Shahbaz Gill Wife: Who Is Izza Asad Rasool?

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As the chief spokesperson for the Punjab government, well-known and prominent Pakistani politician Shahbaz Gill is now in office. He has additionally worked as the Chief Minister’s Inspection Team’s Provincial Coordinator and Special Assistant for Media. He currently works for former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan as his chief of staff. His early education was completed at Faisalabad. He afterward pursued graduate studies abroad. Shahbaz Gill graduated from the University of Malaya with a Ph.D. in Management and Leadership in 2008.
On Twitter, he currently has more than 3 million followers.

Shahbaz Gill Wife: Who Is Izza Asad Rasool?

Shahbaz Gill is a contented husband. Izza Asad Rasool is his wife. In 2011, the couple were married. Izza Asad Rasool, Shahbaz Gill’s wife, has consistently been a source of courage and inspiration for him. Whether it was his political or professional career, she has always been a supporting companion. Along with taking care of her own needs, she also has to take care of her husband and kids.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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