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‘No man bigger than God’ – Shatta Wale Fires Back At Wizkid For Schooling Him Over His Diss To Nigerians

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Shatta Wale has fired back at Wizkid after he got schooled for trying to divide the peace and love that Ghana and Nigeria share globally.

Shatta Wale was caught on camera on December 25, 2021, using ‘F’ words on Nigerian artists. In response, Wizkid while on stage at the Afrochella fired saying:

“I’ve got a message for you tonight. me, I don’t care if you are black if you are white if you are blue if you are purple; I don’t give a F*ck mheen.

I will show you the same love I show my brother or sister yeah. And I want you guys to understand something mhen. It is one Africa mhen. We move together in numbers baby and I want you guys to know it is one love one Africa every f*cking day baby. Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya we are all the same people.”

Watch the video below:

Shatta Wale seems to have seen Wizkid’s video and he has also replied. He said the table will soon turn soon. According to him, Ghanaian songs will soon start selling abroad in no time.
Read his tweet below:
“The table will soon turn … No man bigger than God !!! Ghana artiste go shine on the global market oneday ..Enjoy your time ..But don’t come complaining when it’s our TIME!!”
See the screenshot below:

 Shatta Wale Fires Back At Wizkid For Schooling Him Over His Diss To Nigerians


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