“She Disturbed My Heavenly Work” – Moses Bliss Shares How He Felt When He Saw Wife’s Dance Video

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Nigerian gospel star Moses Bliss has recounted his initial response when he saw his lovely bride on social media.

It is no secret that the kingdom singer and his woman met on the beautiful streets of Instagram after the lady tagged him in a dance video she created.

Following his lavish traditional wedding on February 1, Moses Bliss sang at a praise concert in Ghana.

The musician talked about how he prayed fervently for the woman of his dreams during his sermon and was shocked to discover on Instagram that his wife, Marie Wiseborn, had tagged him in a dancing video.

Moses claimed that he had just finished praying when he came upon the fascinating video and had no idea he had spent more than two hours on the young woman’s website, viewing her previous posts.

“The Holy Spirit Told Me to Msg Him” -Moses Bliss’ Wife Recounts Her Side of the Story on How They Met

According to him, he mentally exclaimed, “Who is this lady who is interfering with my heavenly work?” After watching the dance video, he felt inspired to give a message.

She claimed to have written the artist a message wishing him a happy Sunday.

Reacting to the post…

@Chy_dnma: “The God that did it for Moses and Marie will do it for me too.”

@juliberryhair_wig: “Same thing I was telling my kid sis that God made everything to work so easily for those that trust him.

“Seen her all tru her trad videos tells me she only followed God’s instruction to do that dance that day d post coz normally she doesn’t on a regular and that was it. Omo when you hear say God works in a mysterious way naim be this. Congratulations”


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