She Has A Nasty Attitude, Fame Got Into Her Head – Twitter Users Tear BBNaija’s Saskay Apart For Dumping Jaypaul For Cross

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Twitter users have come for the head of BBNaija’s Saskay for the way she mistreated co former housemate, Jaypaul over Cross.

KemiFilani earlier reported that on the latest episode of Big Brother Naija ‘shine ya eyes’ reunion, the Saskay-Cross-Jaypaul triangle was addressed.

Cross admitted that he liked Saskay and wanted things to work between them but unfortunately Saskay made no effort. He believed that the black beauty used him as a strategy in the house.

On his part, Jaypaul said he never knew about the Cross and Saskay ship until he came out of the house.

He said he wanted friendship with Saskay unfortunately, she gave more priority to her fans, the people who support her, and never took their friendship seriously.

He noted how he constantly checked up on her and gush over her in his interviews, yet she never reciprocated it.

Jaypaul admitted that he was hurt when Saskay went on an interview and asked, “Who is Jaypaul?”.

After hearing comments about him from her fans and close circle, he wanted Saskay to come out and say “Jaypaul was a great person”, so she could put the fans to rest but she never did.

After the show, Twitter users took to Twitter, to tear Saskay apart as they accused her of allowing fame to get into her head and putting Jaypaul beneath her after she left the Big Brother house.

One user accused her of having a nasty attitude which was affirmed by another commenter who said when she first met Saskay, she wanted to snap with her but she gave her attitude.

sharifatboss: At some point in time saskay let fame get into her the first time I met her I wanted to snap with her but hanty was giving me an attitude

AyodeleMariah: “All of you will be shouting saskay is art upandan. All I can see from this reunion is that fame got into her head and she has a nasty attitude. My gosh! The same way nini was rating Arin based on fans is the way saskay rated jaypul when she came out. #BBNaijaReunion‘

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