“She Is So Pure” – Lovely Video Of Moses Bliss’ Wife Walks As She Down Aisle With Dad

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Moses Bliss, a Nigerian gospel performer, and his bride, Marie Wiseborn, are currently in the last stages of their wedding ceremony.

The couple, who have been flaunting themselves on social media since the announcement of their engagement, is enjoying their white wedding in Ghana.

As the church ceremony got underway, Marie and her father can be seen heading down the aisle in a recently released video.

The pretty bride-to-be looked exquisite in her immaculate white gown, clutching her fresh bouquet under the frayed veil.

Wearing traditional Ghanaian clothing, her father guided her through the ceremony and met her husband at the altar by holding her arm. It was clear that the Moses watched his wife walking down the aisle and was struck with beauty.

“She Is So Pure” – Lovely Video Of Moses Bliss’ Wife Walks As She Down Aisle With Dad

Reacting To the Post;

@miss_pherl wrote marriage has truly glorified the Lord.”

@ngee_xtopher: “This lady is pure (if you know, you know).”

@hudie_creative: “Again I say Christian sisters…. This is the standard of love. We ain’t settling for less”

@nitinfood: “So happily finished sir Moses, we are all enormously happy for you this moment, right here is everything!!”

@elptoshop_uk: “ALL PRAISES UNTO THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!!! What an Admirable and Gracious Union!!! It pays to wait on GOD.”

@udith_creatives: “Again I say, GOD STILL HAS SONS (S). Enough sons to go round His Daughters, please don’t settle. Loving this Fr fr.”

@holesalesneakersinlagos: “Love has finished this our minister Moses o baba is lovestruck every single time he sees her.”

@dskincare_spa: “It pays to serve God. Congratulations my ppl. The best wedding of the season. Everything about this wedding from day one showcase Christ. I key into this for my daughters.”


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