She Sent A Mob After Me – Wisdom Macaulay Makes New Allegations Against Annie Idibia

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Brother of famous Nigerian actress and wife of 2Baba Annie Idibia, Wisdom Macaulay who accused her sister of drugs and introducing him to drug use has revealed that her sister had set a mob to attack her causing him to spill so that in case anything happened to him people would know who to hold accountable.


Wisdom Macaulay since his video went viral, has come out to apologize to his sister and her entire family for the embarrassment. He claimed he felt his source of income was been taken away from him hence his reactions. However, in a twist to the issue, Wisdom has revealed that he was attacked by a mob hired by his sister.


“I feel embarrassed bringing my family issues to the public. I brought this to the public because I was ‘mobbed’. I had an issue with my sister…I drove out to cool off with the intention of coming back with her car. But, she sent a mob to me and they were hitting my car. I had to run, leaving my phones and other items in the car. I did what I did because I was being chased and I did not know what would happen next. I felt I should put out that video if it was going to be the last time people would hear from me.”


Speaking on Annie’s drug use allegation, Macaulay said, “That’s absolutely not true. I said that because I was depressed and angry. She just took away my job and it meant she took away food from my mouth. After she took away the job and shut down the company (we formed), I knelt down and begged her with tears in my eyes in the presence of her children and staff. She walked out on me, saying she does not want to have anything to do with me.”


“I and Annie had an agreement that when the clothing company (we established) grew, I would get a percentage of it. At a point, we were growing and making money. However, when she was away in South Africa, she got some complaints that the materials which were being delivered were not the same (quality of) materials we started with. She then decided to shut down the company even after I had spent over a year working on it. That was why I called her out.”, he explained.

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