Sina Rambo’s Mother-in-law Talks About The Leaked Chat

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Sina Rambo’s mother-in-law has spoken out about Davido threatening her daughter, Heidi, for attacking Chioma in a leaked conversation.

According to report, Sina Rambo’s mother-in-law leaked a conversation between Davido and another part in which he threatened Korth for attacking Chioma.

Queen stated on her Instagram page that the chat was sent to her by his cousin Sina Rambo, not Davido. The singer had spoken with his cousin and threatened to confront his wife for disparaging his wife, Chioma.

Despite the clarification, Korth’s mother maintains her position on why Davido would threaten Heidi for no reason. Queen Korth also stated that Davido should be held accountable if any harm occurs.

“For those of you saying I posted an old chat I’d like to make it clear to all that Davido did not send me that screenshot or ever chatted with me. Yesterday, his cousin Sina Rambo sent his conversation with his cousin Davido to my older brother, who forwarded it to me.

My daughter and I have no issues with Davido or his wife. I’d like to know if my daughter mentioned Chioma negatively in any of her posts. And why will Davido make Sina Rambo’s wife, my daughter, his priority in his conversation with him yesterday?

That is a threat to my daughter’s life, and I will not remain silent. I have a problem with Sina Rambo and his sisters that I have kept quiet for some reason, but not with anyone on David’s side of the family. I repeat the screenshot message sent by Sina Rambo to both cousins. I repeat myself, and I have no issues with Davido and his wife. If anything happens to my daughter Heidi Korth, I will not sit back and let anyone threaten her. I want the entire world to know that Davido should be held accountable”.

Sina Rambo's Mother-in-law Talks About The Leaked Chat


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