Since Its Debut, The Headies Next Rated Category Has Been Ranked Year After Year.


For more than a decade, Next Rated award has been one of the most coveted, eagerly awaited, hotly fought, and divisive Headies categories.

The Next Rated Prize is notable because it recognizes a group of up-and-coming musicians who are being tipped for bigger things in the future.

Success, influence, and longevity will all be evaluated when assessing the set of Next Rated classes since the award’s inception in 2006.

This is a sliding year-over-year ranking of the Headies Next Rated category.

Nominated for a Heady Award in 2007 Kage, , Overdose, Lawal Olumo, C-Mion, Gino, and Blaise came in second and third, respectively.
Overdose won the honor, knocking out Naeto C, a fan favorite.
Longevity, impact, and success

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Only Naeto C from the 2007 class can be claimed to have had significant success with his career-defining record ‘The Super C Season.’ Naeto C is one of the rappers that helped to reshape rap in Nigeria by introducing the flair and swagger that helped it transition from hardcore to a more subtle and urban sound.

Overdose and Gino, among the other candidates, had some success, but it was short-lived. The other finalists didn’t have much success, and it would take a highly observant reader to find out anything about them.

YQ, MP, Omawumi, Kel, and D’jniee make up the 2009 class.

Omawumi won the prize ahead of the other candidates, becoming only the second woman to do so. This is a once-in-a-lifetime achievement.
Longevity, impact, and success

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Apart from Omawumi and YQ, the rest of the candidates didn’t have much of a track record.

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