Singer Paul Okoye And 22 Year Old Girlfriend Jets Off To South Sudan For Christmas

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Paul Okoye, also known as Rudeboy, has flown off to South Sudan with his girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma. Paul posted a video to his Instagram account of him and his girlfriend wearing matching attire as they headed off for Christmas.

The musician has a gig in Sudan where he and his brother, Peter Okoye, would be playing for the holiday.

Singer Paul Okoye and 22 year old girlfriend jets off to South Sudan for Christmas

While the brothers are in Sudan, Peter Okoye’s wife Lola Omotayo and Paul Okoye’s estranged wife, Anita Okoye, are spending the holidays together.

Paul Okoye of the musical group Psquare’s popular lover, Ifeoma, who is much younger, has posted about him on social media.

According to Ifeoma, Paul Okoye, also known as “Rude boy” is a good person. She shared a video of Paul smiling at her as she tagged it “And this is not showing off. but this man is actually a good person.”

After an Abuja court dissolved his marriage to Anita Isama, Ifeoma and Paul became an item, much to the amazement of admirers.

Watch the video below;


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