Singer Paul Okoye’s Girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma, Expressed Her Discomfort With Being Labeled As A Home Wrecker

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Ivy Ifeoma, Paul Okoye’s girlfriend, better known as RudeBoy, the Nigerian rapper and member of P-Square, has revealed how upsetting it is for her to be dubbed a “home wrecker.”

In a recent interview with Gucci’s Crazy World on Cool FM, Ivy disclosed that many people blamed her for the breakdown of Paul and his ex-wife Anita Isama’s more than seven-year marriage.

Remember how the 41-year-old musician who had moved away from Anita in 2022 showed off his girlfriend, 23-year-old Ivy Ifeoma, a year after their divorce?However, Ivy claimed that she had received a lot of backlash from those who thought she was responsible for “wrecking” the singer’s home.

Singer Paul Okoye's girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma, expressed her discomfort with being labeled as a home wrecker (video)

She claimed that a lot of offensive remarks had been made in her comment section, which she typically ignores.

“People saying I’m a home wrecker is quite painful,” she said. The reason it hurts the most is “where did you get your facts from?”


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