Singles Inferno Where Are They Now?

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The hosts of the South Korean reality TV show Single’s Inferno are Lee Da Hee, Cho Kyu Hyun, Hong Jin Kyung, and Jung Han Hae. On December 18, 2021, the day the series was made available on Netflix, the first two episodes made their appearance.

The only way for hot, young singles to get off of their “Hell Island” is to start sleeping with someone new every night. Those who succeed in getting together can spend the night on “Heaven Island,” where first-rate food and lodging are provided, while those who fail to do so must fend for themselves on “Hell Island.”

Singles Inferno Where Are They Now?

Regarding which Single Inferno couples are actually still together is unclear.
Due to the fact that they frequently frequent the same locations, social media platforms imply that Oh Jin-Taek and Kang So-Yeon are still together.

According to reports, Kim Hyeon-Joong and Song Ji-a are still apparently in a love relationship.

Whether Kim Jun-Sik and An Yea-Won are still together or not cannot be confirmed.


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