Sir John Chapple children: Meet David Chapple, Rachel Lucy Chapple, & others

Field Marshal Sir John Lyon Chapple, a British army officer and a former Chief of the General Staff (United Kingdom) married his wife Annabel Hill in 1959.

The couple had four children altogether; one son and three daughters.

children: Meet David Chapple, Rachel Lucy Chapple, & others

The names of Sir John Chapple’s children are Rachel Lucy Chapple, the eldest daughter. She is a social anthropologist.

David Charles Lyon Chapple is the only son among Sir John Chapple’s children. He is a consultant orthopaedic and spinal surgeon.

The details of his other two children are currently unavailable.

There are no details about them on social media too. But it is believed that they are equally as successful as Rachel Lucy Chapple and brother David Charles Lyon Chapple.

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Sir John Chapple was born on 27 May 1931 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.

As a high ranking military officer, Sir John fought in many wars including the Indonesia–Malaysia confrontation and Malayan Emergency.

After his education in Haileybury and Imperial Service College, he undertook National Service and was commissioned as a Second lieutenant in the Royal Artillery on 3 June 1950.

He equally attended many institutions of higher education and rose to become a high profile military boss.

Sir John Chapple passed away on 25 March 2022 at his home in Salisbury after a short illness.

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